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python Workshops

Timing: Friday night 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Weekly for 10 weeks

Date: Starting from July 8th 2022

Workshop Location: Zoom online class

Python is an efficient and versatile programming language. Python powers AI, data analyst, desktop applications, and even video games. These workshops will gear you up from the beginning and running fast. Our instructors cover simple data types, including numbers and strings; flow-control features like loops and if, else, and switch statements; and functions, the code that encapsulates tasks your program performs. Our workshops are full of practical code examples and challenges to help you practice your Python skills. In completing the 10 Python workshops, beginners with zero programming background will get to know Python from beginner to beyond.

  • 1 → Introduction to programming in Python and compiler set up
  • 2 → Primitive types, variables and operations
  • 3 → Basic data structures, strings and string formatting
  • 4 → Conditional statements (if, else, else if) and looping
  • 5 → Introduction to functions
  • 6 → Introduction to classes, objects, and methods
  • 7 → Encapsulation, overloading, overriding
  • 8 → Inheritance, and polymorphism
  • 9 → Working with external files and review
  • 10 → Test and answer take up

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